Now that we have a logo, a website, Facebook page, Twitter account, we need to start planning for crowd-sourcing. After doing some research, it did not seem that Kickstarter would be an option for us as the majority of the projects are for new product ideas. Luckily that is not the case. Support got back to me and basically said as long as we have a clear beginning and end of what we want to accomplish, then it will be allowed on Kickstarter.

Another concern was with products. Since our business is a place you visit, I can’t see many people wanting to contribute to a business they may never step foot in. So I really wanted there to be something tangible they will be able to get. We have some ideas for various cups and t-shirts but Kickstarters rules state, no resale of products. I know we are putting our designs on the products, however, to be sure I contacted support. Which they replied, “Small items branded with your logo or with a design created by you are permissible as rewards”.  Yay!

We are quite a bit away from actually doing this because one of the critical products we plan to have available at FitCade is not even out yet. But once it launches, we will be ready.

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