I really wanted to do a business in the Yuba County area because this is where I grew up and there really isn’t much out here. Due to the high cost of the planned equipment, we need a lot of visitors in order to be profitable.

One of our options will be a monthly membership. The majority of people who join a gym, base their decision on distance. Even a prime location in Yuba County has a population of around 50,000 within a 5-mile radius. With only about 18% of the population that will even join a gym. Unfortunately, having our first location in Yuba County would be extremely difficult to get the numbers we need to stay afloat.

So, we looked into other nearby locations. Decided that Roseville is probably our best bet. Of the multiple business locations we looked into, the average population within 5 miles is approximately 250,000.

That is definitely too far, to visit on a regular basis, for all of us who live here in Yuba and Sutter County. But, there will be daily access for those who would like to just come every now and then and have a great time.

Of course, this is not set in stone. Still ways away from needing to make a final decision.

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