Fitcade is a family run business started by Maly Yang-Granger, husband Kris Granger, and their son Nicholas Thao.

We started by testing in our garage. The original goal was to open a gamers gym. The plan was to open a small kiosk at a mall to see what interest there would be in our idea. To this end, we reached out to the Westfield Galleria Mall.

We ended up renting a space much bigger than intended. We started out with about 5 fitness-focused VR games. While this did draw some attention, we had a lot of people requesting games we did not have.

For this reason, we began to add games that are not necessarily fitness games. However, they all do get you moving to an extent. At this time, we are more a traditional VR arcade.

We still hope to do our original plan someday but we don’t feel the technology is quite ready yet.

We truly appreciate all the support we have received from loyal customers, friends, and family.

Our vision:

Provide an exciting environment for people be active and a place to experience Virtual Reality together